Bustard Mole

Bustard Mole is a knight. not a very smart knight, but a knight with a big heart. In Slovenian language only!

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Analekta September 23, 2004 Slovenian 172 pages



Bustard Mole is certainly the funniest story I’ve ever written, in terms of how much fun I had doing it. It consists of an introduction and four stories. It’s definitely aimed at children, but it goes a little bit beyond the typical children’s story because I’m getting quite upset with the modern world. Bustard is a hero who genuinely wants to have adventures. Mixed in with the history, which is, of course, rather manipulated, are elements of today’s world, which is not very friendly. That is why the whole book is full of sarcasm, but it does not affect the children’s story itself. I think Bustard is a hero who will easily occupy your hearts. I know mine did.


– Bustard can, after hitting his head on a rock, understand his horse. 
– His horse is a philosophical snob. 
– Bustard is also very strong and considers himself to be a hero.


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