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A father and his two-year-old son are desperately searching for shelter in a decaying world. However, their journey to a safe place will reveal a terrible secret—a touching and chilling story about the unconditional love between a father and son in an unforgiving world

Hideout: Through the Waters of Lethe is a psychological drama following a former architect Kyle Schuster and his two-year-old son Sean. After a global pandemic, Kyle and Sean are trying to reach a cabin, where Kyle spent his summer vacations. It’s the only place Kyle feels he and his son will be safe. Since the pandemic, the world has become a hostile place. About one percent of people were resistant to the virus (Kyle and his son are amongst them), and the immune are called the Redeyes because their sclera turns red after they get infected. On the other hand, some people managed to avoid the deadly disease. The so-called Normals and the Redeyes are locked in a war that can only end in destruction. To keep the boy unharmed, Kyle’s forced to do some morally questionably things. The father knows that the Normals would kill them on sight, but he’s also aware that they are not safe amongst the Redeyes either.


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