Eye of the Snake: Darkworld

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I’ve been working on this book for quite some time now. At first, it was supposed to be one book, but it became complex beyond my expectations, so I decided to do two volumes. Part two will be coming soon! I hope it will shock and entertain readers as much as I hope it will. I really try not to be conventional in my writing, but of course, it’s up to readers to decide whether I succeeded or not. I would like to believe that I created a world that is magical and yet believable at the same time, with elements that haven’t been used before.

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If war is all you know, then does it matter if the side you’re on is good or evil?

For over a millennium, the ten kingdoms were waging war against the dark god Aryon, desperately trying to keep the enemy contained in the realm of Sabhal Thorg. But for Aryon, it’s all just a waiting game, for all this time he was just waiting for the right boy to be born, a boy, who will bring back his son from the Darkworld and break the stalemate.

When a young boy named Alex and his parents are taken from a village in the far north in a seemingly unimportant incident, only a ghosthunter Leas, suspects that something fundamental is going on. Will he be able to stop the return of the dark god’s son, or will the age of blood and darkness descend upon the world. Still, if the dark prince comes into play, so does the champion of the light. But the question is, which one is destined to bring the end of the world.

Darkworld is the first volume in the two-piece series Eye of the Snake. Even though it puts the reader into thinking that it’s a straightforward fantasy story, there are multiple mysteries that unfold a much deeper story, a one that questions the nature of good and evil.

The book contains epic battles, secrets that sometimes mislead a reader, lead him down a false path, and then pull him forcefully back to the truth. And the key to the mystery surrounding the Eye of the Snake seems to lie within the dragons.

Special characters

In the book, the dark god called Aryon has on his disposal fifteen different types of creatures (monsters) that humans battle with. Humans, on the other hand, have warriors called tar’sol, special units where men are controlled telepathically by women warriors called queens. Groups of tar’sol are, by accessing their inner power through their queens, capable of defeating much stronger opponents. Magic is explained by life energy and through energies of the world.

World called Uithelle

The world in which the story unveils is called Uithelle and is divided into eleven countries and a place called the Valey of the Dragons.


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