Do Dead Men Dream?

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For as long as I can remember I wanted to write a historical novel. And I did it in 2012. Do Dead Men Dream? is a story about World War II, mostly based on fictional characters caught in the horrors of WWII. Most of the book takes place in what is now Slovenia, as I (and my father) did most of the interviews with people who lived through the horrors. I tried to do a politically neutral story in a sense, that I condemned the war itself not people caught in it, even when they did horrible things.

The book starts in 1941 when Germany attacked Yugoslavia. One of the main characters is later drafted into the German army and forced to fight in Russia, while other characters remain in Slovenia, just trying to survive. Some become members of the partisan resistance and some are slowly drawn into the madness of war and revenge.

This is the most violent book I’ve written so far and I didn’t do it to shock the reader, but to emphasize the brutality and ultimately the stupidity of war.


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