Bustard Mole

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Droplja Krt (Bustard Mole) was supposed to be a children’s book, and it is, but I must admit I got caught in my sarcasm and cynicism a little. But still, I believe that children can read it and just enjoying the funny story, while adults might find a more philosophical point of the story. Oh, I think most children found it too, I really shouldn’t underestimate the mind of a child. If I ever get this translated, it will probably be the most laborious translation I’ve ever done, since it has a lot of elements that mostly work in the Slovene language. Still, I love a challenge.

Bustard is a ‘knight,’ a stupid one as a matter of fact. And he journeys with his horse Jonatan through lands now called Slovenia and has the craziest adventures with a dragon, cannibals, pirates, vampires and even Martians. Please check the fantastic artwork created by my good friend Matevž Lavrinc in the gallery section!


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