Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.
(George Carlin)

My Bio

I was born in Slovenj Gradec Slovenia in 1978. I was a bookworm as a child, but I also liked to play outside with my friends, and we usually got in all kind of troubles. I suppose it was in those days I developed my overacting imagination, or as my mom would put it, a crazy mind. Sure, my head was more often in clouds than not, so the natural thing for me was to start writing. Hell, I didn’t do it to get published or anything, I just loved it and still do. I did okay in grade school, sort of lost myself in high school, and in college but I did o.k. I was in a couple of bands as a drummer during high school and college years. Recently I recorded drums for the band Dalkhu formed by me and JG – you should check it out! The name of the album is Lamentation and Ardent Fire.

But I never stopped writing. In 2003 I finished my first fantasy novel called Kalius. It was published by publishing house Turistika in 2004. About a year later my second book called Genesis was published, and about two years later Bustard Mole came to life. It was about that time I started working on the Eye of the Snake. I wrote about four or five chapters and then put the whole thing on hold. I began to work as a journalist and decided to learn as much English as possible, so I decided to continue writing the book in English.
In the meantime, I started writing a WWII novel Do Dead Men Dream? which was published in 2012. The Eye of the Snake was again put on hold for various reasons, but I started writing it again in 2016. At some point, I decided it was filled with nonsense, and I rewrote almost half of the book, just polishing it until I was finally satisfied. And it became long, really long, so I considered splitting it into two parts but then decided no to do it in the end.
Even though it sometimes confuses people, I just can’t help myself, I like writing different genres, just exploring strange stories that circle in my head. I have a lot of ideas for future projects and not all of them are in the fantasy genre. I’m already working on the translation of my first book Kalius, and I started working on a series that will be sort of a fantasy-horror. I’m also playing with some other strange ideas in my head, and hopefully, I will be able to give you more information shortly.

  • Orias and Selena
  • Eye of the Snake
  • Do Dead MenDream?
  • Bustard Mole
  • Kalius
  • The Demon Wars
  • Eye of the Snake
  • Dalkhu - Lamentation and Ardent Fire
  • Moon
  • Building
  • Urban Klancnik

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