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In a world where dark forces prey upon the life essence of mortals, a powerful group of energy vampires known as the Hunters search for a legendary energy weapon. Among them is Orias, a conflicted hunter torn between the allure of eternal power and the yearning for redemption.

As Orias embarks on this journey, he encounters a diverse cast of beings—from enigmatic sorcerers to fierce mythical creatures—all vying for control of Kalius. The stakes escalate as alliances are forged and shattered amidst great battles and magical encounters that push the boundaries of reality.

For Orias, the quest for Kalius becomes a soul-searching odyssey, challenging his beliefs and forcing him to confront the very nature of his existence. Along the way, he discovers unexpected allies, including humans gifted with extraordinary abilities and mystical creatures drawn from ancient legends.

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  1. hieu.bui
    • 9 months ago

    She is a master storyteller whose work has captured the hearts of millions of readers around the world. Her books are full of magic, adventure, and heart, and they have inspired generations of readers.

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