Download the epic fantasy book Darkworld for free

My new book Darkworld, is now available for download. And the good news is that it’s completely free, no signing up, no hidden fees or conditions. Just one click and you can download EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Urban Klancnik – Darkworld

If you like a fast-paced read with bloody battles, dragons, and monsters, you’ll love Darkworld.

The book is completely free, no signing up, etc., but I would appreciate it if you’d follow me on Facebook and Instagram. It would help me a lot. The book is also available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book.

He is destined to be born of unimaginable pain, suffering, and darkness. Will Taryon be unleashed upon the world? Or more importantly, will the one that wishes to free him, be able to control him?

If war is all you know, does it matter if the side you’re on is good or evil?

Short synopsis:

Thousands of years ago, in a world named Uithelle, a group of men and women searched for a way to open the portal to the world of the gods hoping they’d take their powers. They succeed in opening a path into what they call a Lightworld, but not everything turned out the way they expected. Even though they received the powers, they also unleashed the forces of the Darkworld, and those that survived became enslaved by the mysterious creatures in the Lightworld. 

This story begins almost two thousand years later. For as long as anyone can remember, the ten kingdoms were waging war against the dark god Aryon, desperately trying to keep the enemy contained in the realm of Sabhal Thorg with the help of the goddess of light called Talain. But for the dark lord, it’s all just a waiting game. He is waiting for the birth of a special child who can bring back his son from the Darkworld. 

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

When a boy named Alex and his parents are kidnapped from a village in a seemingly unimportant incident, only a ghosthunter Leas, suspects that something fundamental is going on. Will he be able to stop the return of the dark god’s son, or will the age of blood and darkness descend upon the world. But even if the dark prince comes into play, so does the champion of the light. Still, the main question is, which one is destined to bring the end of the world.

Darkworld is the first volume in the two-piece series Eye of the Snake. Even though it lures the reader into thinking that it’s a straightforward fantasy story – merely a battle between good and evil, multiple mysteries unfold a much deeper plot, a one that questions the nature of humanity and the gods and reflects our own society. 

The book contains epic battles, secrets that sometimes mislead a reader, drive him down a false path, and then pull him forcefully back to the truth. And the key to the mystery surrounding the Eye of the Snake seems to lie within the dragons.

Short description of the Twelve Kingdoms:

Ten countries fight against the dark god Aryon. Melenia, Tesenia, Terene, Besina, Delana, Altania, Gevdar, Nartan, and Rath San. Except for Rath San, all the other ‘kingdoms’ are governed by tar’sol military. Rath San is a kingdom, ruled by one man. Then there’s Sabhal Thorg, a country ruled by the dark god Aryon, and a wild place called Drakan Rath – Valley of the Dragons. A long time ago, as the legend goes, a god named Blogarth, trapped the dragons in the valley, containing them and using them to guard the valley from humans and Aryon’s creatures.   

On magic:

Magic is the ability to use the energies of the world. Everything humans and animals do create energy. If let’s say, someone commits murder, he creates dark energy (no associations with the term in physics), while good deeds generate the energy of the light. Both are equally strong and dangerous. There are also natural energies flowing through Uithelle, and wizards just know how to use them even though not all of them truly understand them. By tapping into the Darkworld and Lightworld prince of darkness and knight of light gain a lot more power than the strongest wizards.  

Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay

Special units

Tar’ sol – elite human army units. Up to fifteen (usually there are about eight) specially trained soldiers form a single unit. Women, called queens, control each unit through telepathy. Queens are essential to establish a mental link between the warriors combining their abilities and forming a kind of a single entity that can withstand a much stronger enemy.

Ghosthunters – tar ‘sol warriors that aren’t compatible with queens, but have unique abilities to detect Aryon’s spies. 

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