Adventures of a Fantasy Dad pt.2
Adventures of a Fantasy Dad pt.1


If I knew then what I know now, I would never have gone there. God help us. I now know that the fifth seal is broken.

I have always known that the time will come to prevent the opening of the gates of hell. I have prayed that it wouldn’t occur during my life, but it did. It came with the awakening of the four demons, who could fulfill the prophecy and shatter the lock on the gates of hell. I fought the four, yet couldn’t stop them from destroying the seals. But be warned my tale is full of horror and gore. No, really, somewhere up there with Ash vs. Evil Dead, so if you’re squeamish you might want to skip this one.

I was covered with blood, pieces of brain, meat and some horrible black stuff I couldn’t even name (warned ya), as I stood with a sawed-off shotgun in my right hand and a hunting knife in my left in a sea of blood. I wiped the blood out of my eyes. These were just lesser demons, more of an appetizer for what is to come. Eighty came at me, and I splattered the walls with their blood and guts.

I was in a dark dungeon of an old castle or something like that. The building was huge though, a cursed city in itself. It was then I heard the bone-chilling growl somewhere in the darkness ahead, and I knew this was no ordinary demon. It had to be one of the four — no time to wallow in fear, no time to wait. The demon can break the seal at any moment. I raised the shotgun and ran forward. My footsteps made wet sounds as I trodded through the blood of fallen enemies.

Then I saw the beast. Huge teeth, some horrible dribble was spewing from its mouth. It was waiting for me. It roared as it saw me and charged. I managed to fire one shot straight in the beast face, but it hardly noticed. I jumped aside, but the creature nicked me with its horn, throwing me back and to the side. I jumped back up reloading the shotgun before the creature could turn and fire two more times in its back. It should have killed it, but it only made it angry. The creature turned and launched at me, grabbing me with its huge paws, almost crushing me. I grabbed it by the horn and stuck the hunting knife in its eye. It roared in pain and threw me on the ground. Even before I hit the ground, I reloaded again, shooting the thing twice in the face. I assure you it felt it this time. I could see the fear in its one good eye. It pulled out the knife from the other one and laughed. Suddenly it launched itself towards the seal in the back.
Heavens, it was what it needed to break the seal – my knife. I ran after the beast, shooting it again in the back, still, with the dying breath it struck with the knife on the seal. Blinding dark light streamed out of the seal and then disappeared in a flash.   

I have failed. I killed the demon, yet the first seal was broken. I had no time to wallow in self-pity though. I had to stop the other three from being destroyed.

After I cut the limbs and heads of the lesser demons at the next seal, I was attacked by the second demon. It was a horrible hybrid of a nightmarish math teacher and an octopus, with arms and legs of a gorilla. It was a terrible battle, and I died three times, yet the holy light brought me back every time, making me almost cursing it for death would be salvation. But my work wasn’t done. In the end, I slew the foul beast, yet like the first one, it managed to break the second seal. I knew I was cursed to hunt yet another demon.

I found a chainsaw and waved through demon blood to get to the next one. The horrible creature had a vile tongue as long as thirty humans. It grabbed me with it, pulling me toward its mouth. I let it. It dragged me inside its mouth, screaming in delight as it prepared to crush me with its teeth, but I pulled up my shotgun, blasting its brain out from the inside of its mouth. Then I cut my way out of its mouth with the chainsaw.

“Fuck you, foul demon,” I screamed, more than pleased that I managed to slay the beast before it could destroy the seal. But then I saw the blinding light. The beast was the seal, and I just destroyed it.
I roared in frustration and pain. If I fail at the next, only the fifth seal will remain, and even though no one knew how to break the final seal, I knew that the demons had a plan. I cannot, must not let that seal be broken.

I cut the path through countless ranks of lesser demons, slaying them one by one, yet only focused on the fourth seal. I expected yet another beast of unimaginable horror still, a woman was waiting for me there. Like some beautiful goddess, she was standing in front of me, just smiling. “Are you a fourth demon, wench?” I asked, pointing the shotgun at her.
“Who knows. Maybe you’re the demon …”
Kerrrrrraaang!!!! I shot her straight in the head. I was in no mood for philosophical debates. Blood and brains splattered the ground around her, yet her corpse stood upright.
“You shouldn’t have done that.” I watched amazed as a new head grew out of the remains of the first.
The demon screamed and launched itself towards me. It was too fast. It grabbed me, by the neck.
“This time, the light won’t save you,” the thing shouted at me. I struggled, but she was too strong. She grabbed me by the head and ripped through the neck. Still, I didn’t die. I have become her minion (not like that cute yellow one), her slave.
“On your knees slave!” she yelled at me, and even though I didn’t want to obey, my body did as she commanded.
“Now watch me as I break the fourth seal.”
I screamed inside my head, struggled to regain control, but my body wouldn’t let me. And I watched her destroy the fourth seal.
She came back to me and tears were falling down my cheeks.
“There is only one way to break the final seal,” she said and even before she said it, I knew what it was.
“Rise, my warrior,” she screamed, and my body obeyed.  She turned and there I saw on a pedestal a baby boy smiling, only with his diaper on. He was the fifth seal.
“You know what must be done. It is your destiny,” the demon-witch said, and I walked unwillingly toward the baby.
I at once noticed the foul stench of the devil’s cage. I struggled yet the power of the demon-witch was too strong. I opened the diaper, and all the horrors of hell stared at me from it. Yes, It was me that opened the final seal. The prince of darkness was again loose in the world, and God help me, it was me that let him loose.

“Oh come on, don’t be such a baby. It’s your turn to change your son’s diapers. You can go and play video games later.” A brief pause and short laughter. “Ugh, it looks terrible. It’s been almost three days since he went.”

Yes, the doors of hell were open, and it’s on me to close them again. I will fight evil till the final victory. I will not stop before the devil is back in his cage or me dead.  


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